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How To Monitor Multiple Stream Listener Statistics Remotely on single Web Page?

Is there anyway to configure an HTML script/code that will generate multiple Shoutcast listener stats on a single Website page for me to view remotely? I only want the basic features like Listener Peak and Stream Status to let me know whether it's online or offline. I have several Shoutcast encoders running, therefore, I don't want to have to look up each of them individually in separate tabs in my browser. I want to have all the stats show up in one page with only utilizing the IP & Port.

Currently, I either look at the stats on my broadcaster or enter the stream ip, into my browser, then click on stream (if V2) to view these stats. I want to have multiple streams stats showing up on one page.

I know there is a Radio Monitor software by wavestreaming that allows you to simply plugin the stream IP and Port only and it'll populate those stats, however, this software only runs on desktop. I want to be able to publish this on a private page so I can view them all on a single page.

Any ideas guys?
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