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@Cheveyo - Welcome to Winamp and Shoutcast forums. Ex-Military Combat Controller here. Old-Timer been with the site and it's members back before the web was mobile, before mp3's were everywhere and while blockbuster was still a company.

The digital space that once was Winamp has long been under a slow meandering wane. Once the buzz of this community was so strong it amassed millions of active users and has since been whittled down to hundreds.

We are the ones that are left, and we have each in our own way been devoted to this platform and it's core since we first learned of it; and we will all likely remain even so as it moves forward or not.

If you need anything the ones that have posted and have chimed in are among the most dedicated and technically proficient people I know.

Give us a shout and we will see if we can assist.

(For my part however, I have much less to offer in the way of technical prowess; more I'm a moth to flame of others brilliance; though on occasion I have built Websites, Skins and Designs from naught but, my mind...and every once in a while some liked what I did.)


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