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Originally Posted by Mircea M View Post
does anyone have a solution through which a shortcut can be pinned to the Windows 10 start menu? By using StdUtils' ${StdUtils.Const.ISV_PinToTaskbar} I could pin the program to the taskbar but ${StdUtils.Const.ISV_PinToStartmenu} throws an "error" message.

Is there any other way to do this maybe?
Have you tried the latest plug-in version?

Works in my tests...

(Background: The "problem" is that InvokeShellVerb uses a COM interface to invoke the exactly same operations - shell verbs - that you see when you right-click a shortcut in Windows Explorer or inside a standard Windows "File Open/Save" dialog. However, in Windows 10, the operation "Pin to Taskbar" is only visible in the Explorer process, but appears to missing from other processes - including NSIS installers. So, we now do this via the Shell process, which has fixed the problem for me. Note that I got positive feedback from others users too)

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