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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Windows 7's "Pin to Start Menu" feature does not add applications to the recent items list. It adds the apps to a separate area at the top left side of it's Start Menu. Windows 10 does not have a similar separate area. Like I said in the other post, I don't think this design change was an accident. Microsoft's research probably showed that most people did not use the feature. Surely, a significant number of the preview testers must not have complained about the removal (or bug, as you call it).
Yes. Just like I said: In Windows 10 the "Tile" area has replaced the area for "pinned shortcuts". But there still is an "Pin to Startmenu" entry in the Explorer context menu! And it still pins the application/shortcut to the Startmenu - now in the form of a new "Tile".

Fair enough! The issue here is: To select the proper context menu item ("Shell Verb") we need to know what text we are looking for. This text is locale-specific and thus must be loaded from a Resource DLL - via some well-know fixed resource identifier.

Up to and including Windows 7 this was working fine (ID was #5381). Now, in Windows 10, they seem to have "broken" that method

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