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Originally Posted by Anders View Post
5381 does not exist in Windows 8 so this has been broken for years...
Okay. But that's not much of a surprise, as Windows 8 didn't have a Startmenu where you could have pinned anything.

(Adding something to the so-called "Start" screen, which most users didn't use anyway, doesn't count here)

Originally Posted by LoRd_MuldeR View Post
Actually, you can do "Pin to Startmenu" from the Explorer context menu just fine. This will add a new "Tile", not add the application to the "Recent Items" on the left. The problem: To select the proper Shell Verb ("Pin to Startmenu") we need to load the corresponding resource string - using a well-known fixed resource id. Either that, or we need a LUT for all language versions of Windows that exist...
Anders, do you have any idea or suggestion where we could find the required string for Startmenu pinning in Windows 10?

In my German edition of Windows 10, the text of the required Shell Verb (context menu entry) is as follows:
An "Start" anheften

I dumped all Res-Strings from all DLL's in my Windows and System folders and then performed a full-text search for the above text.

Not found

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