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New "Test" version of the plugin works for me.
(InvokeShellVerb.nsi, both Ansi and Unicode)
Win10 Home, Polish (pl-PL).
Good job! How did you get it to work?
I see you have changed "magic numbers"...

- Pinning one application works nice. Did you test the plugin in scenario when you have to pin (unpin) for example 10 applications, one by one.
- My antivirus software (Norton) was trying to block test installer when trying to pin, I wonder if there is a way to avoid this (I guess not)

I think it is good that such tool exists. I know, it can be used by many installers to pin unwanted stuff... but, if it is only possible someone will do that anyway... I understand why Microsoft blocked app associations in Windows - In that case I think it was very clever - now user decide what he want to run as default for his system...

I use @LoRd_MuldeR plugin in my installer (it installs plenty of apps). First, I was using VBS script (it was language depend, so I had to know Verbs for each language), but the plugin is much simple to use. I don't force user to pin stuff - user decide it (via nice custom page with app trees). I belive in that way such function (Pin, unpin actions) have sense.
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