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Originally Posted by EmperorOfNight View Post

WinAMP still crashed the first time I opened it after the new add-on install, but after that it seems to be running smoothly. I can sync my playlists easily and when I eject my iPod, "0.o THE SONG ARE ACTUALLY THERE!!!"

iTunes still refuses to STFU however still saying my iPod is corrupt, but if WinAMP works, I really don't give a damn.

My iPod can handle multiple playlists, even a playlist with 200+ songs on it. It will freeze at times, but if I wait a few seconds, it will be ok. I even tried playling some music and videos off my computer while this was happening and everything seemed fine.

It still doesn't look like it can handle syncing my 3000+ song playlist, but purhaps playlists aren't made to be that long. ^^'

Anyway, thanks SO MUCH for this fix. WinAMP is still a bit glitchy and iTunes is still being a S.O.B but it's working, and that's what I wanted. Let's hope it stays that way.
After the happy results after this fix and I sync my iPod and get all my music back, I come back at the end of the day and just plug it in to charge my iPod. I unplug it and head out..... my iPod committed suicide again, everything is gone. I know one time back when this started Windows would recommend that I run a CHKDSK on my iPod to make sure everything is just dandy, and I did this and that wiped my iPod. I'm ignoring that message now, but I just noticed that when I plug my iPod in, it shows the syncing screen when the "Recommendation to run CHKDSK" window pops up. I wounder if that has something to do with this mess?

Why me?
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