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i got my wife one of these for xmas, (so it won't be opened til then)

the 8gb ver.

anyway, i take it that winamp won't natively work with it, is that correct?

i have seen mention of a 3rd party ipod plugin, can it do any better?

i also saw mention of some utility benski had that generates xml or something and gives you devs useful info to make support for these devices; could you use that from me for this?

she has a mac and so she can load her mostly terrible music into this thing for workouts and so on with her mac, and be happy. but i am just wondering if i'll be able to use it with winamp at all, or will i corrupt it or something?

also, i have decided to get a droid X this weekend, as i give up using LG phones and i want an android phone. i am a bit worried it won't be as good as an iphone useability wise, sizewise, or in other ways, (my family/friends istuff rocks, i have to admit) but i like the philosophy of droid over apple, and i really hate itunes.

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