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While browsing the web I discovered a 10 years old pdf-file about "Winamp 2.x Skinning". Being honest I did not find anything brand new and useful for me but one section definitely caught my attention: <snappoint>. As we know all windows (normally) snap into all sides of the the Main Player. Too bad it never worked properly for Quinto. And it took me a while to find the cause of this annoyance. A window does not snap into the right and the bottom edge of the Main Player because this is where the Album Art Drawer and Equalizer Drawer appear. These two drawers make the Main Player bigger than it really is (820 pixel wide instead of 610 pixel). So I had to create two additional <snappoints> for Quinto's Main Player.

UPDATE: I wrote this post some days ago, and deleted it immediately, because windows still do not snap properly to the right and bottom edge of the Main Player. I would call it: unstable. They do now, but will not ten minutes later.

I am still looking into this.
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