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Thank you for your comment, Victhor
Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
Isn't it possible to read the lyrics tag directly from the file?
I do apologize in advance for my silly question but how do you insert text into a tag? I do remember there was a program called EvilTagger many years ago, which I never tried and which you cannot download nowadays anymore.

But even if you manage to save text within a *.mp3 file, I really doubt there is a simple command which would read and display the tag content.
Or is it?

Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
I'm afraid most users are too used to have that job done automatically.
And I am afraid you are right but this is not the point here Vic. There was a time when I was using the LyricsPlug-In which works fine. But the fact that I was not able to save the text and have it available while being offline made me uninstall this feature. I wanted to get rid of that "being-online" dependence.

The other day, I installed the Azenis2 skin hoping to find an answer to an entirely different question. And noticed the read_me.txt file being displayed. So I thought to myself: if it is possible to display a text file, we should be able to do the same with *.html files. And the idea for an offline Lyrics window was born.

Yes, I am aware of the fact that the majority prefers the "automatic solution". I am not claiming to have created a Lyrics-PlugIn which can download lyrics off the internet. My modest solution gives the minority the opportunity to spend 15 minutes, create +/- 10 *.html files within a particular music folder and have the lyrics always available. If the user is not willing to spare the time and work and seeks the automatic solution it is fine with me!
The usage of such feature is not mandatory, it is an option, which I am offering. I just do not have the necessary C++ skills in order to make all Quinto fans happy. (but still trying! )

Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
... maybe a better approach (not entirely perfect) could be mixing it with the cPro Reader approach?
I definitely will have a look at those files. Thanks for mentioning.

P.S. This Offline Lyrics window still needs "polishing" so it will not be included in the upcoming release end of the month. (v1.4)
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