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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
This is an excellent idea!
Happy to hear that!

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
It is more convenient to have all the associated context menu commands/options in one place.
And you also have influence on the sort order.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
I'm not sure, but adding entries to the larger Winamp context menus may cause problems because there appears to be limited room to add additional entries.
I have never tried it but I really doubt there is a limitation in the MAIN ITEMS menu. Imagine you created a new awesome Plug-In and Winamp throws an error message saying "Sorry, I am full!"

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
...use the same keyboard shortcuts used by standard Winamp functions. An option to allow reassignment of shortcuts would solve this problem, but sometimes such an option is not provided.
And probably will never be, Aminifu. Even If I had the list with all Winamp keyboard shortcuts, I would never know those ones from other Plug-Ins.

The "How to Create an Offline Lyrics File" tutorial is finished and I would like to know whether this step-by-step text is clear and understandable.

01. Go to your desktop and create a new text file
02. Name the file "default_lyrics.txt"
03. Open the text file. Copy and paste the following lines:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<body style="background-color:#28282E;">
<h3 style="color:#AAAAAA;font-family:monospace;margin:20px">Insert song name in here</h3>
<pre style="color:#AAAAAA;font-family:monospace;margin:20px">
Insert song lyrics in here

04. Save the file. This will be your default file. Do not delete it!
05. Copy the file and paste it into a music folder of your choice
06. Rename the text file

Sting - The Last Ship.mp3 => Sting - The Last Ship.txt

08. Find song lyrics on the Internet
09. Open the text file
10. Delete "Insert song name in here" and type the song name
11. Delete "Insert song lyrics in here" and paste the copied lyrics
12. Save the file
13. Change the file extension from .txt to .html

Sting - The Last Ship.txt => Sting - The Last Ship.html

14. Play the song

If you see the lyrics in the Lyrics window - enjoy!
If you don't, please try again

This text will appear when a song is played with no attached html file. I also added the frame-switch button to the Lyrics window. (NoFrame or StandardFrame).

I totally forgot that we already have a nice ART button on the MainPlayer, which is assigned to the new, floating ALBUM COVER window. Hence I will remove it from the OPTIONS context menu. Another new difficulty arose while testing the ALBUM COVER window. The ART button, which is a toggle button and provides four states: normal, hover, pressed and active cannot be synchronized with the x-close button on the window. At least I would not know how to do it right now.

You can open for example the PLAYLIST EDITOR, close it by hitting the close button and the PL button on the MainPlayer will change its state from active to normal. Automatically. This behavior no longer works in combination with a custom toggle button and a container window. And this is the reason why there will be no x-close button on that particular window. Please use the ART button in order to open and close the ART COVER window.

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