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song info for server V2

hello. when making a httprequest from a game called InWorldz to access the song info im getting an error 403.
did test the same request from another game using the same plateform "SecondLife" and i get a positive responce. why the service is forbitten in one and not the other.

i did ask in a mantis on the game an i get this reply from one of the founder

-I just checked through our blocks and blacklists and I don't see any reason why we would be generating a 403. It seems that the status is probably coming from your shoutcast host possibly in response to our user agent.

-If you can raise an issue with your host they may be able to provide you with more information which can lead to a workaround or something we may be able to do on our end

-The user agent coming from InWorldz should be "LSL Script (Mozilla Compatible)"

Also i did some reading and it said that the legacy was back on server v2 to help getting the song info on some game that didnt support the V2 and i get the same result when it a stream V2

the old way only work if it a V1 stream
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