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Lock button and Sound Mixer


While I broadcast I have a problem switching from stereo mix to microphone array. As I was playing music from stereo mix and everything was fine, then I wanted to talk so I went to the button "open mixer" I switched to microphone array and then click on the button "lock".
Then it seems that winamp is stacked and it doesn΄t play sound (the levels of the green that show the sound are not going green and it seems there is no more sound from winamp). The sound levels of the microphone array and the stereo mix on my pc works very well. At the end when I try to switch back to the stereo mix so I can play music everything at the winamp is stacked and I can΄t go on.
Now the program seems to not bring sound at all.
I re-installed winamp several times and it΄s not working and the problem isn΄t fixed.
This happened lately when I broadcasted from the same pc before 7 months this didn΄t happen.

Thank you.
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