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Shoutcast Directory stream url inconsistencies

We're experiencing issues with playing our stream URL from the YP.

When loading and clicking to listen our stream, it loads https://<ip address>:7000/stream?icy=http (over HTTPS). This returns an error "Unable to play the radio stream".

When loading the Shoutcast Directory over HTTP, via, the stream URL has now changed to http://<ip address>:7000/stream?icy=http (note it's using HTTP now). This HTTP stream plays fine.

My question is: How can we avoid this? We already have HTTP and HTTPS domains for our stream. But somehow YP wants to use our IP address instead, causing issues.

I've tried using various DNAS settings like setting destip, destip_1, serverurl, streambackupurl_1 to use our domain, but it still falls back on our IP address.

We're running Shoutcast DNAS version 2.4.0 on Linux.

Thanks for any input!
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