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We fixed it by upgrading sc_serv on Linux to the latest version, and a paid Shoutcast Premium account.

The problem is the Shoutcast YP Directory website loads by default over HTTPS, and applies the HTTPS protocol to all stream urls it serves.

Before, we used Nginx as reverse proxy to have our stream available at port 443 and 80. Since the Shoutcast Stream URL for the YP directory can only be configured with a single port, this reverse proxy solution didn't do anything for the YP listing.

We stopped using Nginx, and applied the SSL config settings from the DNAS configuration page using our existing SSL Letsencrypt certificates we used for Nginx before.

We also had to apply the userid and licenceid configs from Your Plan page on the RMO site to the sc_serv config file. These config settings seem little known, not available in any WIKI, and also pretty hidden on the RMO page, as a light gray text on a white background:

To unlock the Premium features, add the following lines (using the above values) to your sc_serv.conf configuration file: userid=YOURUSERID licenceid=YOURLICENCEID
After adding these settings, the stream was available on our main Shoutcast port, through HTTP and HTTPS on the same port.

These were our config lines in sc_serv.conf to get SSL to work:


Hope this helps anyone!
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