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Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
off the top of my head I have never seen winamp function this way. Are you sure you weren't just minimizing it?
100%. The only way i would stop music was with my keyboard or turning off the pc unless i was browsing my playlist.

Originally Posted by The1_Freeman View Post
Right click anywhere in the Winamp windows and tick "Main Window" off, it'll then only show you the other windows you have enabled.
That was sadly not it.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Hi Makta,

I've never used it myself, but it sounds like you were using the Winamp Agent plug-in. I've heard that it allows you to shut down the main app and run Winamp from the Windows notification area on the taskbar. The agent plug-in should be in the installer. Chose the installer's custom install option and look thru the list of available plug-ins.
That is what i did to have it only in the system tray but it turns off any music when i hit the x, It could be something ells with WA that i have missed but i can't find anything.
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