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Uninstall window running under Welcome screen..

Hi All,

Here's the problem. As soon as my Installer runs it looks to see if there
is an existing version, and if it finds it, it runs the Uninstaller to remove the
previous version first.

The problem is that after the Uninstall window runs for a second,
the Welcome screen opens directly above it, and the user doesn't see the Uninstall
window running, so they can easily hit "Next", on the Welcome screen,
and the Uninstall will be hosed.

I'm currently using the Ultra Modern UI, but I've seen it happen with the MUI2.nsh

What I'm currently doing is pretty kludgey. I let the Uninstall run for a second
and a half, then do a "BringToFront", and that brings it back to the top,
but it doesn't always work.

Ideally I'd set a flag variable, in the Uninstall, saying that it's running
and before the Welcome screen opens, it would check the flag, and if it was
set, it would "wait" till the Uninstaller was finished before it opens.

But it looks like you can't do any pre-opening stuff with the Welcome screen.

Maybe, if I could create a Custom screen that looks exactly like the Welcome screen,
then I could control it better.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can keep the Uninstall window from
being covered over by the Welcome screen, I'd appreciate it!

Oh, my Installer only runs on Windows, I'm not using it for any other platform.

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