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Thanks for your reply.

I was using:

ExecWait "${INSTALL_DIRECTORY}\Webserver\bin\${UNINSTALLER}"

And tried changing it to:

ExecWait "${INSTALL_DIRECTORY}\Webserver\bin\${UNINSTALLER}" $0

And not doing anything with the return code '$0'

I ran the Installer several times, and it seems to work, but the Welcome
screen is under the Uninstall window every time. It won't take much
for it to "decide" to come to the front.

I looked around and only found _?= used once in Examples\makensis.nsi
and couldn't find any docs on how it's used.

I did find out that I CAN add a MUI_PAGE_CUSTOMFUNCTION_PRE
before my !insertmacro MUI_PAGE_WELCOME

And I wrote this Function:

Function WelcomePre


StrCmp $UninstallRunning "TRUE" Loop_Start Loop_End



And it looks like it works pretty well.

How do I use _?= ?

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