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Installed in Non-Default Location, Does Not Play Streaming Broadcast

Windows XP SP3
Firefox 14.0.1
Winamp 5.6.3 (5.6.3, Build 3235 FINAL_2012_0628_151026)

I installed Winamp in [C:\Winamp]. I could not play a streaming broadcast by selecting a link to the stream's URI on a Web page (e.g., from []). Instead, I got an error popup that said:

C:\DOCUME~1\User\LOCALS`1\Temp\kusc128-7.m3u could not be opened,
becuase the associated help applicaton does not exist. Change the
association in your preferences.

I also got this error with Winamp 5.6.2. With both versions, however, I was able to copy the URI of the streaming broadcast and paste it into Winamp and play the broadcast that way.

I uninstalled Winamp and re-installed it in [C:\Program Files\Winamp]. Then it worked okay.

Either fix the installation to work with Firefox from any directory where Winamp is installed, or else remove the installation option to indicate where to install it (thereby forcing the installation to be in [C:\Program Files\Winamp]. I much prefer the former alternative because I try to reserve [C:\Program Files] for Microsoft applications.
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