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the uninstaller removes the file associations which are showing as being associated with Winamp install at the time of uninstall. if files have been unassociated or manually edited or other installs have trashed things, then yes there is a good chance you would be seeing what you are with the remaining registry entries (which if they are all Winamp.File.XXX style then that would point at something having gone wrong with the install or a mis-match in the multiple installs conflicting with each other.

i had said in my earlier reply to use the Ctrl key option when leaving the File Types preference page which forces Winamp to re-write the file association entries (based on what is selected in the file types list on that page). though if you're seeing differences in associations from one to the other then that won't catch anything which is not known to be associated with that Winamp install.

so probably manually editing things was the best option anyway as it seems like none of your Winamp installs were doing as they are meant to be setup to be like (which makes me wonder what was selected during install or if something external was messing with the associations), though that probably isn't something that can be easier sorted out now especially if you've manually fixed things now anyway.

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