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Thank you for responding so quickly.
I believe I see what you're saying.

I was at the new Shoutcast Suite of Streaming products, I chose the DNAS 2.4 monetization choice since I have a station currently hosted by Wavestreaming. To participate in your program I need to move off of them.

On that page is download Shoutcast Source DSP 2.3.5

I believe what I should do is go under DNAS 2.4 No monetization. Build there and hope there is an easy upgrade to monetization.

Looks like it's time for a fresh install.

The documentation quoted was from the Broadcaster wiki, Core Documentation, Shoutcast Authhash Management page, Management section.

I realize that updating documentation is a low priority with all the exciting things going on over there. Is there a step by step instruction for the new shoutcast suite? Or perhaps a migration guide from

Thanks again.
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