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I don't know if trying to use both versions will cause problems. I'm only using 3.1. You should see the the visualizer and vu-meter on main player in the long list of Quinto Black CT options. If not, or they don't work, it could be because you have conflicting configuration data for both versions in your studio.xnf file.

The first time you use a modern skin the configuration data for it is saved in the studio.xnf file. Select the version of Quinto you want to use then close Winamp and delete the studio.xnf file or move it to another folder for safe keeping. After that, the 1st time you restart Winamp you will need to configure the version of Quinto you had selected again (i.e. change from the defaults you don't want). The 1st time you switch to another modern skin you will need to also change it's defaults that you don't want.

Yes, it does take time to configure things in Quinto the way you want. That's why I'm still using 3.1. This skin has so many options (maybe too many), which is both the good and bad of using it. However you only have to do this once (if you don't keep changing things).

The developer removed the color themes and added the RGB Color Changer because users kept asking for more color themes. So now we do the coloring work instead of him.

TIP: Make a note of the changes you have made for all your modern skins (especially the colors in Quinto) before deleting the studio.xnf file. Don't try to rely on your memory, it's too much stuff to remember. Also it's not a bad idea to keep notes of all changes made to other parts of Winamp. It's a rare thing, but corruption of configuration data files can happen.

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