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Old style clock "tick" sound while playing

While playing MP3s in Winamp (v5.8 build 3660 x86), there is what appears to be a random old-style clock "tick" sound. It doesn't seem to happen on every track but if Winamp is playing for awhile, I would say I hear the sound about once or twice every half hour. I have not noticed a pattern to these sounds. I play mostly MP3s and possibly a few other file types (less than 1% probably).

My PC is on the latest build of Windows 10 with 16GB of RAM and an Intel Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz.

I have the same version of Winamp installed on a new laptop but have not played Winamp enough on it to see if the same thing occurs. However, I could hear this same sound on a previous Windows computer using an older version of Windows.

Has anyone heard of this? It seems to be happening more often now, though perhaps it's just annoying me more, to the point where I'm considering switching to another program. I love Winamp's interface and the sound quality is, otherwise, fairly decent.
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