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Regarding "if winamp is set to minimise to the system tray,
to use that icon instead":
That icon belongs to Winamp, and I don't know how to make a balloon popup on this icon. But why care about that?! The "WA" icon I use
removes itself when the balloon is dismissed anyway. It doesn't bother anyone.

Regarding "an option for setting the baloon timeout":
That is specified by Windows. I can't change this, yet...
Microsoft must change this first. 10 seconds works fine with me,
but you have to work with the computer (move the mouse,
press keys, e.t.c) for these 10 seconds to elapse, or else
the balloon stays forever.
There is however a workaround:
I can wait 5 secs and then remove the tray icon.
That should dismiss the balloon as well. Thought of this just now.

Do like the preferences page I created??
Do you have some better format tags code, to use??
Did you also check out my visualization plugin called
"NxS Visualization Plugin"??
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