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bit later than planned i'm back onto this one

Originally posted by net-cruizer
Neat idea, but it doesn't work properly for me.
It starts almost full screen, lol. About 1 inch of my desktop still shows at the top.
@net-cruizer: is it appearing from the bottom of the winamp window? (if i autoplay/new start of winamp then it will happen for me - weird i didn't pickup on it earlier )

Originally posted by Paparazzi
My request therefore is to let us have an option to decide above what quality (meaning original picture size) the video should go into full screen!
@Paparazzi: is specifying the width and height manually fine for you (i don't ususally deal with vids so not sure on default sizes, etc to go with)

Originally posted by DJ Egg
the ESC key seems to be disabled for coming out of fullscreen mode
@DJ Egg: reproduced - seems to lose the focus for some reason
(ok just tested a bit more and if opened from external from winamp then the window does not get the focus but if you click on the window then all is fine BUT i can get the mouse moving messages so may be able to fiddle it i think)

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