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Modern Skins

If you're using the Winamp Modern skin, then if you delete studio.xnf in the main Winamp dir this will restore all default positions & sizes.

Note: Settings for ALL 3rd-party modern skins are also stored in studio.xnf, so deleting studio.xnf will also restore ALL 3rd-party modern skin default values.

Make sure Winamp is closed first.

The path to studio.xnf depends on your Windows OS and installation type.

For pre 5.5x "shared setttings for all users" installations, studio.xnf will be in the install dir, usually: C:\Program Files\Winamp.

For "separate settings per user" installations (default in 5.5x), studio.xnf will be found in the %AppData%\Winamp folder.

You can just type %AppData%\Winamp into the Windows Explorer address bar and hit Enter, and it will resolve as follows:

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Winamp\


Alternatively, you can also manually edit the relevant entries in studio.xnf.
eg. for the Media Library:

<section name="Skin:Winamp Modern">
<section name="Container:MLibrary">
<section name="Media Library">
<section name="Layout:normal">
<entry name="rect" value="x,y,w,h" />

For the playlist window:

<section name="Container:Pledit">
<section name="Playlist Editor">
<section name="Layout:normal">
<entry name="rect" value="x,y,w,h" />

where x = horizontal position, y = vertical pos, w = width, h = height.

Deleting these two lines will restore the default size and position, which for the ML (on my system) are as follows:

<entry name="rect" value="0,0,708,349" />
<entry name="restoredrect" value="0,0,708,349" />

(should make the ML appear in the top left corner of the screen)


Classic Skins

If the ML problem is with the classic skin, or any 3rd-party classic skin...

then with Winamp closed,
go to the Winamp\Plugins dir,
open gen_ml.ini in Notepad
and edit the following lines:


Next time you open Winamp,
the ML will be open in the top left corner of your screen
and will be the default size again (width & height).

For the classic main window, the relevant settings are in winamp.ini

For the classic playlist window, the relevant settings in winamp.ini are:

For the classic video window...

etc etc



- Switch to a higher screen resolution in Display Control Panel, and then there's a chance that the ml will be visible again. If so, grab & drag it into the middle of the screen, switch resolutions back, and voila!

- Disable auto resizing of video window (Prefs > Video)

- Don't dock windows together, or disable docking
(Prefs > Skins > Modern/Classic Skins: Uncheck "Dock windows at")

- Enable "Easy move" mode (Main menu > Options: Checkmark "Easy Move" - Ctrl+E)
This will make winamp windows draggable via any 'gray-space'.
With this setting disabled, you can only move winamp windows by dragging the individual titlebars.

-If using a Modern skin and all windows are docked but the main window is offscreen, then hold down the Alt key first, then drag one of the other visible windows (eg. playlist or ml) and then you should be able to drag all windows (including main) back on screen together.

- If only part of one of ml, pl or vid windows is visible (and the rest is offscreen and can't be dragged with Easy Move mode), either:

i) dock the main window to it so you can then drag the docked windows back onscreen, or

ii) use Scaling (right click/main menu > Windows Settings > Scaling) to resize the relevant window to eg. 20%, then drag it back onscreen and scale it back to 100%

As a last resort, you could even make studio.xnf read-only
(right click it > properties > checkmark "read-only").
This will prevent it from ever being written to, so no modern skin setting changes will ever stick. Therefore, when you close and reopen winamp, it will then be restored to the same condition as it was before the problem occurred.
For classic skins however, we don't recommend setting winamp.ini to read-only, because then no winamp setting changes will ever take effect (well, they might on a per-session basis, but not after you close and reopen winamp). Naturally you would want to make sure that all settings/sizes/positions are set to personal taste first.

One other dirty method is to "end process" for winamp.exe in the Windows Task Manager. With this method, no settings (note: or playlist changes) will be saved, so when you reopen Winamp it should be restored to how it was before the problem occurred (assuming you haven't already closed winamp properly via the close or exit button/menu).
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