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Auto Fullscreen v1.2 alpha 3
  • fixed the prefs options to restore the state of all of the settings now
  • added an option to kill visualisations if running and a video starts
  • added an option for that to not disable if not visible
  • adding in the option to show the video window whatever the current Winamp video setting is
  • added in options for disabling the screensaver when a video starts
  • added in the option to hide the avs window when it's opened (hacky but it works)
  • anything else i forgot to note down
download v1.2 alpha 3

some of the new settings may potentially cause crashes with some vis plugins when modes are switched, etc. if it does happen then please let me know extact versions, sysinfo, etc so i can try to reproduce and see what's going on. other than that, enjoy

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