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disappearing winamp of a different kind...

I have a different sort of problem and call me blonde (I'm red head really) but I clicked the x to close winamp one night. Now bear in mind I've been using the newer version for a while now. Never had this problem before. Anyway I clicked it to close winamp like I've done lots of times. Now I can't get it to come up on the desktop. I get it on the task bar. I've tried the restore. I've I'm totally dumb about any of the technical issues here. I haven't used any special skin on it. Its not the classic winamp so it must be this modern that I've been reading about. I use windows xp pro. How do I get the dang thing back on my desktop? Do I have to delete and reinstall it to get it back? I'm sure its probably some easy thing and I've overlooked it. But I'm getting a bit frustrated over it. I hear sound. I see it on the taskbar but restoring it to the desktop isn't working. I haven't changed any settings or done anything different so I can't understand why it won't come up. I need "winamp for dummies" lol
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