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Auto_Video_Fullscreen_v1_2_alpha_3 (Urgent Help)


I have installed your Auto Video Fullscreen plugin (Auto_Video_Fullscreen_v1_2_alpha_3) on a PC with dual head output but unfortunately the plugin still needs some tweaking to be done.

I made a playlist with several MPEG2 video clips. During the sequencial playout, sometimes the videos clips fail to open on the secondary monitor and appears only a black screen while the audio continues to play until it reaches the next video clip. It seems that it happens more often on MPEG2 videos that have a higher compression factor (4Mbps) and less on videos with a lower compression factor (10 Mbps).

The plugin which I recognize is still a "alpha" product is 90% there, according to my extensive tests. All it needs is a little tweaking on your side to become a final product.

Could you please let me know if you have encountered this problem and if you have any ideas if it is possible to "reduce" this Auto Video Fullscreen loading problem by adjusting some parameters.

If you donĀ“t have a solution, do you know of another plugin that is able to do this?

I have tried Powerplay, but I am not able to Automatically open the video in fullscreen on the secondary monitor.

Your soonest reply will be most welcome as I really need this Auto Video Fullscreen feature to playout on the secondary monitor.

Thanks and regards,

Luis Filipe

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