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I think I have noticed the same problem as Knotte. The first letter on the songticker appears faded in windowshade view (see attachment) EDIT: sorry, forgot the attachment

And now some positive feedback:
-Problem with ML not reading some bitrates fixed
-Album Art views in ML now show album rating correctly
-Album Art windows in Modern skin works like a charm

BTW, I'm using ml_iPod and have some problems while transcoding. I want to transcode files above certain bitrate, but I get all of them transcoded. I know it's a 3rd party plugin, but I talked to the developer and he said it was Winamp badly reporting bitrates (
It just happens when transcoding from Media Library, transcoding from Playlist works well. I just did a clean install with 5.35 and got the same problem, so it's not a beta specific problem.
Just wanted to know if it's a Winamp bug or a ml_iPod bug. Excuse me if this is not the right thread.

Windows 7
Winamp 5.58
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