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According to the notes of the DSP the filesize of artwork is restricted to 511 KB.
I would assume that filesize is more relevant than the actual resolution of the embedded pictures.

The FLAC files I've tested so far contain artwork which is less than 75 KB (JPG) or 170 KB (PNG). So that's well below the mentioned limit.
The artwork is displayed without problems when I access the admin pages of the DNAS in "artwork mode" (admin.cgi?sid=#&mode=art&art=playing). Still it's not showing in Winamp v5.621; maybe the artwork feature isn't implemented yet...

I will do some more tests with different configurations, filesizes and bitrates. Also AAC and MP3 streams may show a different behaviour...

Anyway, I wonder if I will actually use the neat artwork feature if there will remain some incompatibility issues with (the majority of) v1 clients...
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