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DigiBC: ignore my prior comment about the size as i tried to do it in my head and messed up.

Winamp doesn't support showing of the artwork as i've not had the time to implement it into the client.

Originally Posted by DigiBC View Post
Anyway, I wonder if I will actually use the neat artwork feature if there will remain some incompatibility issues with (the majority of) v1 clients...
it most likely is an issue with the DSP but i'm not sure until i can check it out i.e. i've got a load of other things to look into from my week off before i can look into such things. either way as long as i can reproduce the issue when i get around to looking into it then it will be fixed in whichever of the tools is causing the issue (as has been done with the other issues reported and reproduced). you just have to bear with things a bit as any new code will have some quirks no matter what testing is done.

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