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Originally Posted by DaWolfey View Post
If you use ices0.4 (which uses the Shoutcast 1 protocol) as the Source, and stream a song with UTF8 tags to DNAS 2, if you have a Shoutcast 2 Client two things happen:

1. The artist/title display is messed up
2. When the client disconnects, DNAS crashes.
what you've posted contains invalid utf-8 characters from what i can tell (appears to contain SOH and STX control characters). if you can provide an example file with the actual tag that is present then i'll try to look into the issue and see what can be done to improve things though i'm not sure what at the moment since there's already a number of checks in place in the DNAS to attempt to sanitise titles sent from v1 sources.

Originally Posted by DaWolfey View Post
Also, if the Source is the Transcoder (build 51 tested), DNAS doesn't crash on either version client. (but the tags are messed up)
that is because the Transcoder will clean up any xml from the source before it is sent to the DNAS which is something added to the recent DSP and Transcoder builds.

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