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Hey guys,

When running with the yp1 protocol, I am able to set displaymetadatapattern=%R[ - ]%A[ - ]%N in sc_trans.conf. This means that the <TITLE> element in song history xml (/admin.cgi?sid=1&mode=viewxml&page=4) is formatted as specified by displaymetadatapattern.

However, when running the yp2 protocol, I am unable to get the album (%A) to appear inside <TITLE>. The title always displays as %R[ - ]%N. E.g.,

<SONG><PLAYEDAT>1315765655</PLAYEDAT><TITLE>Tekniq - Slamdown</TITLE></SONG>

I realize that I can get the full metadata info from page=5, but this is only for the current and upcoming tracks. The song history (which I'm mainly interested in) does not have the full metadata, only the artist and song title . Is there a way i can configure sc_trans to set how the song history metadata is displayed?

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