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diversity: what is shown in the song history is created from the metadata received (v2 mode) or the title (v1) from the source.

back in build 17, the default client title format was changed back to be artist - title instead of artist - album - title (with a similar default change in sc_trans afterwards) as it was causing client title issues and due to all of the v1 platform working against artist - title. as such it made more sense to revert it to the v1 format.

so as you're seeing, the DNAS is taking the metadata received v2 mode and attempting to create artist - title for it for when it's shown on the song history and now playing views.

so as you can see, there's nothing in sc_trans which can change the displayed title in v1 mode. i'll have to think about it all since i don't think the current / next titles should be changed if there was an option to customise the song history (which is currently all coming from the same formatting function) so that on the summary / admin pages it would look like how clients will see it.

the other option (which would save having to add a new config option to keep the option bloat complaints happy) is to make the DNAS use the <title seq=x></title> info if there is now playing information (which will be formatted in the way required from sc_trans) and store that for the song history whilst leaving everything else for the clients running as is.

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