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there is little benefit in a gui wrapper like the v1 DNAS had on windows unless it's done for all platform versions of the DNAS i.e. not really worth it over consistent behaviour over all of the supported platforms imho. as why should the Windows version (as i assume that's what the request is for) should get special handling over the other versions.

the one the windows version of the v1 DNAS offered nothing beneficial than a windows themed console window - yes i know there are the menu options but opening notepad or something to click instead of using ctrl+c in the console window isn't that hard to do itself. also since the DNAS allows for specifying the config file to use - the prompt in the DNAS to do it handles that and also does keep the window open which confused people just expecting to double-click and go with the earlier v2 DNAS beta builds. when working with a different tool then some adjustments do need to be made in how things work as the windows gui version before was out of place with the rest of the versions provided which isn't good imho.

i have looked at making a wrapper but to be something useful then it needs to offer proper management / control of the DNAS on all platform versions (which my brief attempt was not going to achieve).

really most of the controlling needs to be done via the web admin pages which is what i've been trying to push into the newer builds e.g. like the /setup option (screenshot attached) that i've been tinkering with so i'm not having to do weird and wonderful platform specific coding.

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