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Originally Posted by Winther72 View Post
When I'm loading songs into Winamp, some of then completely changes information...
They go from e.g. "Metallica - Fade To Black" to "Gary Moore - Run To The Hills"...
It's still the same file, but ALL info (Metadata) on it has changed...
This sounds like an interesting issue and you should have posted this in the Technical Support sub-forum.

Anyway, what kind of files are these; mp3, flac, or something else? Mp3 uses the ID3 format (and there are different versions) and flac uses vorbis comments for metadata. Winamp will allow you to edit the metadata, but it will not do so unless you 'tell' it to. What version of Winamp are you using?

What app are you using that shows different results than what Winamp is showing for the same file? You may have more than 1 set of tags in the affected files. An app like "Mp3tag" ( will tell you what kind of tags are in the files (e.g. what version(s) of ID3 and if you have more than 1 set of tags).

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