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The default Nullsoft MPEG-4 Audio Decoder which comes with Winamp 5.12 now supports all MP4/M4A audio files (with AAC/AAC+ content), with no need to install any other 3rd-party plugin(s).

It still doesn't support drm-protected .M4P files, ie. of the type downloaded/purchased via iTMS (ie. you need ThomasW's plugin for .m4p support).

And it doesn't support proprietry ALAC (Apple Lossless) aac/m4a files
(but neither do any of the 3rd-party plugins).

But if the file extension is .m4a (not .m4p) then you shouldn't need either of the rarewares/audiocoding or ThomasW's plugins... as long as the files aren't ALAC.
afaik, you can only play those with iTunes/QuickTime... though don't ever give up on support being added to Winamp someday.
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