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Originally posted by DJ Egg
The default Nullsoft MPEG-4 Audio Decoder which comes with Winamp 5.12 now supports all MP4/M4A audio files (with AAC/AAC+ content), with no need to install any other 3rd-party plugin(s).

It still doesn't support drm-protected .M4P files, ie. of the type downloaded/purchased via iTMS (ie. you need ThomasW's plugin for .m4p support).

And it doesn't support proprietry ALAC (Apple Lossless) aac/m4a files
(but neither do any of the 3rd-party plugins).

But if the file extension is .m4a (not .m4p) then you shouldn't need either of the rarewares/audiocoding or ThomasW's plugins... as long as the files aren't ALAC.
afaik, you can only play those with iTunes/QuickTime... though don't ever give up on support being added to Winamp someday.
but IT WORKED right after first install of winamp on this computer... it worked with an alac losless m4a... until for now reason it stopped. working. it worked three songs... and then... no more.
exact steps:
1. download and install winamp full latest version as of jan 3, 2006 from winamp website
2. play my m4a file
3. play around with dbpoweramp and convert the m4a to flac, ogg, wma, lossy m4a (while keeping the original file intact!)
4. copy in_flac.ddl, in_wv.dll, in_mpc.dll to plugins directory in order to be able to play flac, musepack and WavPack losless formats
5. at some point m4a file no longer plays (they are opened, id tags are read, but pressing the play button does nothing)
6. removed plugins, uninstalled winamp, reinstalled winamp
still, m4a files no longer play, not even other files not touched by dbpoweramp (so you can't say it's dbpoweramp's fault)

edit: and no, the files are not drm protected
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