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Originally posted by DJ Egg
Hmm... unless I'm missing something, it looks like I've got to wait an hour before I can download the file O_O
heh, sorry. <joke> are you on dial-up? </joke>


So... you've got ffmpeg installed, which apparently now includes an alac decoder...
(hmm... is the binary included with mplayer?)
err. sorry, i didn't mention that the mplayer output is from a debian linux machine it's posted just to prove that the file is alac
yes, i have ffdshow on my windows machine, but just by chance, and it does not include an alac decoder, so the directshow config does not apply to my case

here's the output from the mplayer (http://*******.com/8lf6h) running just fine on my machine:

later edit: realized there was no need to quote the rest of paragraph
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