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Re: Apple Lossless in WinAmp

Originally posted by DJ Egg
ALAC/Apple Lossless (not currently supported)?

Originally posted by DJ Egg
And it doesn't support proprietry ALAC (Apple Lossless) aac/m4a files
(but neither do any of the 3rd-party plugins).
Originally posted by ralph_wiggum
I was able to play Apple Lossless files in WinAmp using ThomasW's plugin, but only after updating to the latest version of Quicktime and after renaming the in_mp4.dll to in_mp4.bak to prevent a conflict. After that it was smooth sailing.
There you have it:

! Apple Lossless IS supported. !

It works for me
It seems you really need to rename in_mp4.dll to make it work.

So there are two plugins (by ThomasW):
1) for playing iTunes Store media files
2) for playing Apple Lossless media files (.m4a Lossless encoded, dll rename mandatory)

Note: Only lossless encoded .m4a files need the plugin; Winamp can play other .m4a files natively (AAC encoded).
It's kind of confusing Apple didn't use another extension for Apple Lossless files.
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