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I've been living with this problem for a while, when the last version that caused duplicates cropped up. I could clear out, but once you rely on the library for a while that's hard, and I admit I've just been too lazy to make an ActiveWinamp script to fix it all, merging the stats from all the dupes.

So I offer up my media library if you want to look. Reindexer finds no duplicates, but a simple scan in a hex editor shows multiple copies of many files - buckethead is particularly afflicted, as many as 4 copies of some files; some copies are listed as ANSI, some as Unicode. Look up "05-buckethead-lurker_at_the_threshold_part_1.mp3". The ANSI files seem to be older holdover dupes, the unicode ones are newer. Dunno why reindex doesn't find them, maybe the newer version you have will.

btw, if you need to quickly search for unicode names, the tool XVI makes it quite easy, with a UTF-16 checkbox. Maybe that was why kenwoods' songs weren't coming up.

The ml is the 5.33 backup without reindex run on it, btw, so that it's clean for you.
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