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Well it is not really a problem, but just thought it would be nicer for your current time not to move away from the separator whatever it is 1 or more than 10 min track, or when you toggle remainig time. if you align current time to right, it will stay near your separator whatever mode or time is on. Maybe it is just the way I would do it...

I have also added this code on "vus.maki" for a much smoother vumeter (still strange behavior though), the idea is to go from peaks to peaks rather than displaying all peaks. I don't know if it is very optimized as I'm newbie on maki script, but can be a start for further analyse (if you're intersted):

Global Int speedLeft;
Global Int speedRight;
Global Int endLeft;
Global Int endRight;

System.OnScriptLoaded ()


speedLeft = 0;
speedRight = 0;

t.OnTimer ()

endLeft = lt.GetWidth() * GetLeftVuMeter() / 255;
endRight = rt.GetWidth() * GetRightVuMeter() / 255;

speedLeft = ((speedLeft+(endLeft-lf.GetWidth())/3)*0.4)*2.5;
lf.SetXmlParam("w", IntegerToString(speedLeft));

speedRight = ((speedRight +(endRight-rf.GetWidth())/3)*0.4)*2.5;
rf.SetXmlParam("w", IntegerToString(speedRight));


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