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Lately, it's been swapping a lot. Most recently, it was:

1. Spyro 2 (aka Spyro: Ripto's Rage), PS1, platform or action (I can get into many strange/unusual places in this game).
2. Jumping Flash 1, PS1, platform/action (I can max the height out on 4 levels, close on 2 others (I have a video on YouTube of this.).)
3. Final Fantasy VI, PS1, RPG (This game is way too easy in terms of battles.).
4. Final Fantasy V, PS1, RPG (This game is ridiculous when it comes to enemies and levelling up, plus it's boring).
5. Bubsy, Genesis, platform (My most played game of all, about 4000 hours to the best of my estimates at the upper end).
6. Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Genesis, platform (Tails the fox + blue water + spikes + debug = tons of fun)

These are my most recent and I tend to swap around between them.

void BlueWater() {water.color=blue; while(GameRunning) {if (fox.pos == InBlueWater) {fox.air--; FoxDrown(fox.air);} else {fox.air=1800; fox.flags = WantsToGetWet; } WaitFrames(1); }} // My top favorite thing in 2D Sonic (as C)
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