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hi Jkey,

i am glad someone is working on the DSP. it needs it! i am using XP sp2 and 1.9.1 forgets my settings, (i don't have admin access) so hopefully this solves it. (1.9.0 worked properly)

how long until 1.9.2 is final?

can you make a exe for it? i hate zip file manual stuff. i literally don't know what to do with it once its unzipped.

here is my setup for the radio station in my sig:

3 XP sp2 machines. one has a pro audio card and is fed by pro audio gear and a HQ FM tuner. it feeds its own local shoutcast 1.9.8 and a SC 1.9.8 on each of the other two machines. mp3 at 3 bitrates, and it uses the "line input" selector on the DSP. i don't know if the 4 sliders under that have any effect, or even what they do?

here's what concerns me, you say:

"Url updates removed (did not work anyway)"

what does that mean? the yellowpages tab? we put our URL in there, it seems to work for us, no?

also, you say:

"Also had to remove the "Time connected" feature,it had stopped working"

do you mean on the main tab? we need that, it shows us that its working and uptime.

you say:

"If you try to close winamp or the dsp while connected
you will crash the dsp and winamp.Always disconnect before closing!"

what about windows automatically rebooting? thiese are remote machines for a radio station, we expect automation. ie. if power drops or windows updates or whatever, we expect the machines to restart and get the webcasts back up unattended.

i never had to manually disconnect the DSP from the DNAS to close winamp, can't you fix that?

you say:

"This version does not support the shoutcast 2 protocol"

does that mean i should not upgrade my DNAS 1.9.8 versions?


i would also like to request a feature, since you seem to be asking. a lot of automation systems in radio stations, and even some IP based CD players, will export artist, album, title info, sometimes as txt, more often as XML.

can the DSP be made to be able to parse or at least have some kind of "window" for me to directly input into the DSP this information? the audio is coming in via line input, so there are no file tags, so i need another way to feed in the XML output of the automation systems. (just give me some kind of input, and we'll write the middleware to conform the XML to your inputs needs)

also, could you do two line inputs? one for analog, one for digital? let me choose in the DSP as opposed to messing in the mixer?

thx for all your hard work!

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