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Originally Posted by DigiBC View Post
But I'm quite surprised about the poor feedback from the community so far...
Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
Sadly, poor feedback is the consequence of poor updates (among other things).. other media players are leaving winamp behind.. hope they wake up soon.
or maybe it's just because people don't know about it or there's not been any issues (which is what usually brings people out).

yes it's not like it was 5-10 years back with the comments but that's just how it seems to have gone with the forum traffic in general.

yes it's not the most inviting of changelogs but if 7 libraries needed to be updated then that's just over a quarter of the changelog (and for some people they were wanting such things so it may not appeal to skinners but it's something that is needed).

probably another quarter of them that i'm accountable for don't appeal either to a lot of people but i'm not bothered if people don't like it if it means that i can now do a drag+drop from the JTFE queue (or other parts of Winamp allowing dragging from) into the ML playlists.

sure there should be big feature fixes / changes / additions but if you want that then you need to go to the Android version (however sad that personally is to have to say *shrugs*).

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