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Winamp 5.63, Build 3235 ( - 28 June 2012

Changes since build 3234

* Improved: [in_flac] Producer metadata support
* Fixed: Video window reopening after being closed when editing mp4 tags

3234-specific fixes

- Fixed: Installer crashing when installing Toolbar on Portuguese-Brazillian locale
- Fixed: [ml_local] Mapping of menu items in album art view

The main installers have been updated (might take a while for them to propagate across all servers)

An update pack is available for those who don't wish to download the full installer again:

5.63 build 3234 to build 3235 update pack

Note, the update pack doesn't include the pt-br toolbar/installer crash fix

Files included in update pack:

Requires 5.63 build 3234
Auto installer (in_flac & ml_local will only be installed/overwritten if they already exist)
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