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Originally Posted by net-cruizer View Post
Only problem I found with the Maiko plugin, is that my ultrabook is hooked up to my TV threw HDMI, and it doesn't like it too much when you just unhook the plug with Winamp playing. Winamp stops playing and is hard to get back going again. Wheras normally, unplugging HDMI just switches to laptops speakers instantly.
And I did notice all the glitches in the ui also.
Interesting you say that... it is not just the Maiko bit that is fussy when HDMI is cut. It is Winamp in general.

Fresh, default install of Winamp. No 3rd party plugins (not even Essentials Pack). Brand new install of Win7 plus service packs. No other programs yet.

Playing Winamp last night from that PC, via HDMI, connected to AV Amp. AV Amp connects to big screen TV.

Milkdrop running full screen. After three hours the TV Screen fell asleep and powered off when I wasn't looking. Audio kept playing (after a small pause). I jumped up and turned screen back on.

Winamp had kept playing through the AV Amp, but as screen had fallen asleep, the OS had seen it "disconnect". So once I had woken everything back up, Winamp came with Milkdrop windowed instead of full screen.

Now I wasn't fully watching at this point, but I think the visualisations had stopped. Just black (or maybe they were playing in the window...). While the music kept running. Which meant that after 15mins the PC fell asleep this time. (Full screen Milkdrop stops the PC falling asleep, Windowed it sleeps according to OS rules)

And now the madness starts... I go and wake the PC back up. And I am now greeted with a locked Winamp. Attempts to Double Click and Full Screen milkdrop caused the Windows "Not Responding" message. I then had a few hassles in killing everything to restart it, but eventually recovered it.

tl:dr - Winamp connected via an Amp to big screen. Screen falls asleep due to the screen's power saving feature (not Windows). Winamp (or milkdrop) gets confused when it comes back. Not responding dialog appears.

I'll see if I can find a way of narrowing down the above. I get a feeling that as my screen powered down, it was like you pulling your HDMI lead out. I'm not sure how far the "hardware environment change" messages are getting through the system. When it happened to me last night I just blamed it on the Direct X side of Milkdrop getting in a flap due to the unexpected power off of the screen.
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