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Yeah I've experienced the screen turning off part too.
I've been a long time user of Winamp, but had been using WMP for quite some time, up until I heard about this Winamp Beta coming out, so I was curious and decided to go back to Winamp.
Well WMP has the option in it's preferences to not have the screen turn off as long as it's running, which of course with me listning to music 24/7, my TV never turns off. So once I switched to Winamp, I too would be listening to music, Milkdrop running full screen, then nothing, after so many hours. My amp/speaker are hooked to my TV using optical, so when the TV goes off, so does my sound. But when the TV goes on, the soundbar turns on automaticly. But Ive never had any problems resuming with Winamp and Milkdrop. I ended up just disabling the TV from ever turning off.
As for unplugging HDMI cable, Winamp is fine for me, just starts playing threw my Ultrabooks speakers, no probs there, just the same as when I used WMP. It's important to me that way, cuz at any time, I may just up and go, and I just unplug, and I'd prefer things to just keep working, lol.
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