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I said with the Maiko plugin installed, if I pull out my HDMI cable, Winamp stops playing and I have a hard time getting it to play again. I get a DirectX Output Error box.
Whereas normally, with any player, when you pull out an HDMI cable, the sound automatically starts playing out the laptop speakers.
Also I stated I didn't experience the problems people were originally talking about. When I shut down my computer with Winamp running, and the Maiko plugin being used, my computer shut down fine. Even when I pushed the power button and selected SLEEP, for instantOn, it shut down fine, and started fine.

Oh, I see where the contradiction comes from. Another post.
I guess I forgot to mention that I uninstalled that Maiko plugin befor the reply I made about not having problems with unplugging the HDMI cable.
Like I said in this post, I only had the problem when I had the Maiko plugin running.
I originally decided to try the plugin cuz someone said it was really good.
After installing the plugin, selecting it as the output, Winamp didn't play, so I went back to the plugin's preferences, noticed the part about Buffer, and remembered someone mentioning putting a value of 500 there, so I did, then Winamp played fine.
When I unplugged my HDMI cable later on, and Winamp stopped playing, in order to get it to play again, I had to go back to the Maiko preferences and enter the 500 value for buffer cuz it had set it self back to 0.
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